Friday, July 2, 2010

Version 2 Dev Update

Version 2 is coming along nicely.
A major improvement over the old setup I was using. Just about everything is public so there's no private variables that you wish you could access, but there are still accessors to keep everything neat and tidy. Right now V2 is setup as a game component so all you have to do is add it in your game class's constructor and then you have access to everything in the static XnaHelpers class which is updated by the game component so you never have to call anything like Update or SetVariables for it.

What I have so far...

*Xact and Non Xact audio manager classes to make playing sounds easier.
*FrameRate counter game component
*Input class is almost entirely rebuilt
*Built in spritefont so you can print out debugging information without every manually loading a spritefont to do so! - since content embedded in a assembly file cannot be unloaded I will release a version that doesn't include the font embedded in it

Whats in development

*Guide helper to make it easy to use the guide's, keyboard, messagebox ect ect (I'm actually thinking about writing my own versions of these since the guide can be painstakingly slow)
*Storage systems for both the xbox 360 and Windows platform
*Data serialization

Right now I'm not sure but I may make a shader to draw simple primitives such as lines but I don't have alot of experience with shaders but this seems like a good time to learn so keep an eye out for it.

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